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Beware of These Red Flags Before Choosing a Dry-Cleaning Service

February 04, 2022

Your clothes deserve to be loved after you used them to represent you. Luckily, there are already a lot of laundry companies offering special laundry services like dry-cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens.  

There’s also no denying how convenient life was when these shops emerged. With the help of laundry shops, you get to wear clean clothes without doing the laundry yourself. Just imagine all the time you can save from passing on your laundry to these experts.  

It could sometimes be tricky to choose which laundry shop to bring your clothes to for cleaning, but you should never be confused. Never get blinded by flashy advertisements and flyers. Here are some useful tips you can use in choosing your dry-cleaning service provider.  

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Red Flags to Avoid When Choosing a Laundry Shop  

Inconsistent Service Rates

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the cost of a service. However, it would be easier to understand that keeping your clothes clean shouldn’t make you think twice about your budget. It’s acceptable that you plan your finances, and any changes could affect the entire plan.  

If you notice a big difference between the advertised and in-store service rates, then you should be alarmed. In most cases, shops put discounts and lower rates in their advertisements. But when you go in and ask for your bill, you’ll be surprised at being charged a more significant amount, and this shouldn’t be the case.   

A reliable service provider keeps open service rates without compromising the service quality.  

Uses Harmful Laundry Chemicals

Did you know that cleaning your clothes doesn’t have to harm the environment? Thanks to the effort of environmentalists, eco-friendly dry-cleaning is now an option.   

Eco-friendly dry-cleaning doesn’t use PERC and other toxic chemicals. Your clothes are still cleaned but in a greener way. It’s also safer for you because it prevents exposure to harmful chemicals used mainly by other dry-cleaners.  

You can research eco-friendly laundry options and ask your dry-cleaning service provider what environment-friendly options they offer.  

Can’t Keep Up with Schedule

One thing great about taking advantage of dry-cleaning services is saving laundry time. However, if your dry-cleaner can’t follow the scheduled time for pick up or delivery, then you should think twice. You wouldn’t want to stay home all day waiting for your dry cleaner to pick up or drop off your clothes.  

Some dry-cleaners offer pick-up and delivery services, which are excellent. More often, you schedule your laundry before or after work hours. You should find a laundry shop that strictly follows their schedule.  

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Have You Heard of the Eco-friendly Dry-cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens? 

If you’re not yet familiar with eco-friendly dry-cleaning, Go Green Dry Cleaners can help you understand its concept. We’ll be happy to answer your inquiries about our environment-friendly laundry options. Please leave us a message if you decide to go green and switch to eco-friendly options. 

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