Area Rug Cleaning

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Few decorations can bring a room together like a beautiful area rug. Rugs aren’t only accent pieces; they are functional elements that provide comfort to your guests and maybe a nice resting area for your pet. At Go Green Dry Cleaners, we can help keep your area rugs clean and allergen-free with our professional services.

How Often Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

As with most household items, how frequently you clean your rugs will depend on how much they are exposed to regular wear and tear. However, as a general rule, area rugs of any level use should be cleaned every 18 months. This will prevent dirt, grime, and allergens from seeping deep into the fabric.

Why Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

Depending on the color, your area rug might never show dirt, especially if your house is “shoe-free.” But just because a rug doesn’t look dirty, it doesn’t mean all those dust particles are not clinging onto the rug's microscopic fibers. Professional cleaning ensures that area rugs remain truly dirt-free from even the tiniest invaders.

Households with allergy-sufferers should be especially keen on professionally cleaning their rugs. Allergens like pollen and dust can land on your rug and expulsed into the air whenever you walk over the area. This means that even after allergy season has passed, you might still get an itchy nose and sneeze months later.

Are You Looking for Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services?

You can count on our team at Go Green Dry Cleaners to deliver an environmentally safe clean to leave your rug spotless! Get in touch today to find out more about our options!

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