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Finding a Reliable Dry-cleaning Service 

September 10, 2021

If you own a lot of clothes that require dry cleaning, then it is a must to look for reliable dry cleaners. For all we know, you have spent an ample amount on those pieces, so you might as well take care of them as precious investments. When it comes to your clothes, it should only land in the hands of dependable and expert dry cleaners. Here are a few tips to help you spot the right people who offer dry-cleaning in Palm Beach. 

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5 Things to Look Out for in a Dry Cleaner


Getting your clothes clean somewhere in the next town will never be a good idea.  It will be too much of a hassle to drive around with your laundry. Despite pick-up and delivery services, it would still be best to choose a shop that is just around the corner so you can drop by at any given time. There will be instances that emergency and immediate cleaning will be needed, thus an accessible dry-cleaning shop nearby can save your day. 

Type of Cleaning Solvent Being Used

There are various types of cleaning solvents that your dry cleaner can use. However, you should not settle for a shop that uses harmful and toxic chemicals in its dry-cleaning services. You should opt for one that helps protect the environment by using the concept of green dry-cleaning. You can even ask your cleaners if they use freshly purified or freshly distilled fluids with every run, to ensure that dirt from previous loads are not redeposited. 

Customer Service

Great customer service is a big aspect of any dry cleaner. It is always said that a customer’s opinion matters, so you should at least look for a cleaner who knows how to listen to your needs. It also helps if the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Check if the staff takes notes of your special requests. The staff should at least be able to answer your questions regarding their dry-cleaning services. 


In choosing a dry cleaner, timeliness is one thing that should never be taken for granted. Apart from waiting for your clothes to get cleaned, you also have other important things waiting for you to be done. Your clothes should be ready for pick-up or delivery in time, without having to compromise the quality of the cleaning service. 

Cleaning Quality

Above all, the quality of their cleaning services shouldn’t be overlooked. You should never fail to examine how your clothes are cleaned and delivered after the service. Make sure to check if your clothes aren’t damaged or stained with their cleaning solvent. Sometimes, how your clothes smell after the cleaning lets you know how it all went. 

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Are You Looking for Dependable Dry Cleaning in Palm Beach?

You need not go anywhere else. Go Green Dry Cleaners takes pride in upholding our mission in transforming the dry-cleaning industry by providing a unique customer experience with high-quality cleaning. We do this while simultaneously promoting an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning industry by providing a unique customer experience with high-quality cleaning. We do this while simultaneously promoting environmentally good options.  

Our commitment to your satisfaction matches our dedication to keep you and the environment safe. Should you want to know more about our green cleaning options, please leave us a message here 

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