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Are Home Dry Cleaning Kits Effective?  

August 10, 2022

You don’t always need to make the trip to the nearby dry cleaners to have your clothes cleaned. There are numerous ways to dry clean at home; this includes using dry-cleaning kits to treat specific stains using heat and stain removers. While dry cleaning in Jupiter can give you more time to do other chores, cleaning kits are a helpful alternative if you don’t have the time to go to the cleaners.

While several home dry cleaning kit brands are being sold in stores and online, it’s no surprise if you wonder whether these kits work. If you want to know more about these kits and how effective they are, here are some facts about home dry cleaning kits that you should know.

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Facts About Dry Cleaning Kits

Do DIY Kits for Dry Cleaning Work?

Yes, DIY dry cleaning kits can remove stains and can help your garments smell brand-new again. While these kits can help remove stains, it will still depend on the kind of stain that you have. The kits can clean garments and eliminate most water-based and light stains safely and effectively.

When it comes to heavy dirt and stains, dry cleaning kits fall short of professional cleaners. These kits don’t work well in removing heavy grime or grease-based stains. Furthermore, they don’t produce the well-pressed and crisp results you usually see in a suit or dress shirt.

Benefits of DIY Dry Cleaning Kits

Depending on the brand you bought, and the quantity and weight of the clothes that need washing, starter kits for dry home cleaning can be purchased for less than $15 and clean 16 to 24 items. Aside from the DIY cleaning kits requiring less travel time to pick up and deliver the garments because you’re doing them at home, there are other benefits of DIY dry cleaning kits.

  • They’re easy to use and maintain. They only need about 30 minutes for every cycle to complete.
  • It can help freshen up garments between uses and eliminate body odors and cigarette smoke that linger on your clothes.
  • It’s safe to use on most fabrics
  • Because they use a less acidic cleaning solution, they don’t need extra wire hangers or protective plastic bags.
  • It utilizes fewer hazardous chemicals that can harm the environment.

Tips for Using DIY Dry Cleaning Kits

  • Do not overfill the cleaning bag. When dry cleaning, your clothes need space to move to prevent everything from becoming excessively wrinkled.
  • Before cleaning, fasten all the buttons and zippers to help your clothing maintain its shape.
  • Use white paper towels as a substitute if you run out of or lose the absorbent pads used for spot treatment.
  • Avoid putting heavy wool sweaters and light blouses in the same dryer bag. Instead, group fabrics of the same weight and color together.
  • To avoid overheating, empty the dryer’s lint filter before starting the cleaning cycle.

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Are You Looking for a Reliable Dry Cleaning in Jupiter?

While DIY dry cleaning kits can help you remove light stains when cleaning your clothes, professional dry-cleaning services can save you time and energy when dry cleaning your garments. Here at Go Green Cleaners, our team can provide you with the necessary assistance. For the best results, give us a call today!

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