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Are Dry Cleaners Bad for the Environment?

June 14, 2022

Many people today use dry cleaning to ensure that their garments are well cared for, but we are rarely informed about the environmental and human effects of this cleaning method. Common dry-cleaning solvents, such as PERC (perchloroethylene), can have disastrous ecological implications. If you need your clothes dry cleaned, consider switching to eco-friendly dry cleaning in Mamaroneck.

People exposed to harmful pollutants in high quantities for long enough periods are more likely to get cancer or develop other major health problems. It also has the potential to contaminate water systems and soil, rendering them harmful to the animals and plants that dwell there. If you want to know more about why traditional dry cleaning can affect the environment, here are some facts about this cleaning method.

Man with eco-friendly dry cleaning in Mamaroneck

Traditional Dry Cleaning and the Environment

How Can Traditional Dry Cleaning Affect Your Surroundings?

Even though dry-cleaning facilities have the necessary equipment, some byproducts are wrongfully discarded, causing environmental damage. Chemicals coming from these facilities can also cause various health problems to the surrounding community. Here are some of the other issues traditional dry cleaners can cause:  

  • The solvent used in the cleaning process is the principal source of harmful air pollutants.  
  • Perchloroethylene is a well-known carcinogen.  
  • Some harmful air pollutants and volatile organic compounds can be released by petroleum solvents used in dry cleaning.  
  • Ground-level ozone (smog) is formed when chemicals in these compounds react in the air, and it has been related to a variety of respiratory problems. 

How Can Dry Cleaners Reduce the Pollution They Emit?

While it’s possible for traditional dry cleaners to cause environmental damage if they’re careless in handling their chemicals, not all of them can produce waste and pollution. By utilizing products, procedures, or practices that can reduce or eliminate air pollution at the source, pollution prevention protects the health of your employees, customers, and families. Here are some other ways dry cleaners can control and reduce the pollution they produce:  

  • Switching to eco-friendly dry cleaning 
  • Increase pollution prevention measures.  
  • Regularly inspect hoses, couplings, pumps, valves, and gaskets for leaks.  
  • Find potential leaks as soon as possible by using a halogenated leak detector.  
  • Use spin disk filters instead of cartridge filters, which can be cleaned without opening.  
  • Cover solvent containers to prevent solvent loss due to evaporation and fugitive emissions of TAPs and VOCs. 

Why Is Pollution Management in Dry Cleaning Important?

Pollution avoidance saves money on waste disposal, solvent usage, and air pollution control, but it can also help reduce the adverse effects on human health. For instance, ensuring adequate drying time reduces air pollution since short cycling decreases the efficiency of solvent recovery equipment and increases fugitive solvent emissions from the unit. If dry cleaning is appropriately managed, there are plenty of benefits for both the environment and human health.

man with eco-friendly dry cleaning in Mamaroneck

Are You Interested in Learning More About Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning in Mamaroneck?

Going green is never too late, especially when you want to help the people around you and your environment. If you need a dedicated cleaner that cares about the environment, our team can provide you with the expert care that you need. Contact Go Green Dry Cleaners today to discover how eco-friendly dry cleaning can help the environment.

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