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What’s the Difference Between Laundering and Dry Cleaning?

November 07, 2022

If you’ve been washing your clothes yourself, you’ve probably brought your fancy clothes to the dry cleaners, such as a suit, dress, sweater, or dress shirt. However, much beautiful clothing doesn’t need to be dry cleaned; washing it and pressing it is frequently a preferable option. While other possibilities include eco-friendly dry cleaning, hand washing, and machine washed, knowing the difference between each method can help you get the best results.   

In this article, we’ll be exploring the difference between laundering and dry cleaning to help you understand what each method provides. Here’s the difference between laundering and dry cleaning.  

  eco-friendly dry cleaning to your clothes

Laundering vs. Dry Cleaning

What Distinguishes Dry Cleaning From Laundry?

The answer lies in the method of how your clothes are generally cleaned. When your garments are cleaned in dry cleaning, the stains are removed with non-water-based chemicals before they’re pressed. This chemical is usually safe for humans and fabric alike, which doesn’t affect the quality of your garments.  

In a press & launder, water and detergent are utilized to wash and clean your clothes. Your garments are individually pressed after being washed in a commercial-grade washing machine, where they come out slightly moist. You can toss them into a dryer to quickly encourage them after cleaning them.   

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing Launder & Press?

  • It’s Kinder to Fabric   

Over time, the chemicals used in dry cleaning your clothing can degrade its materials. When you use the launder & press method, the machine will wash your clothes using water and soft detergents to remove the stains and filth from your garments. Cleaners using this method often use eco-friendly detergents to clean their clothes.  

  • It’s a Great Way to Eliminate Sweat, Oils, and Dirt  

Laundering removes sweat and oil from materials more effectively than dry cleaning, making it the preferred method for cotton blouses, fur clothing, and dress shirts. After being washed, garments are pressed and hung to give them a pristine, just-left-the-cleaner appearance. To extend the life of your clothing, high-quality washing services provide the care label on your clothing and decide whether to launder or use chemical dry cleaning.   

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing Dry Cleaning?

  • It’s a Great Way to Prevent Water Damage  

Since water can hurt the fabric, it is perfect for garments made of natural materials like silk or wool. Water can be rigid in the fabric’s fibers and cause the clothing to fade, shrink, or lose shape.  

  • It’s Frequently the Only Way to Remove Some Stains  

When an item is dry cleaned, it also undergoes a procedure called “pre-spotting,” in which a skilled cleaner looks over each garment to find stains and identify their sources so they can treat the color with the proper non-aqueous solvent. Pre-spotters frequently have decades of expertise in spotting and checking stains.  

If you know the cause of any stains on your clothing, inform the dry cleaner. This will help them in extending the life of your clothes. Your dry cleaner will make the appropriate solvent selection and reduce the possibility of damage based on this information, whether it be ketchup, wine, or a splash from a puddle.  

eco-friendly dry cleaning to your clothes

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