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Is Washing Better Than Dry Cleaning?

January 02, 2023

Do you ever feel that no matter how often you wash your clothes, they are never truly clean? If so, you might be better off having them dry-cleaned. Contrary to what many people think, green dry cleaning in West Palm Beach is much more effective than washing at getting rid of dirt and stains. So, instead of washing your clothes in the washing machine, go to the dry cleaner’s if you want them to look their best.  

Continue reading if you’re curious to learn more about the advantages of dry cleaning over traditional washing.  

Woman with green dry cleaning in west palm beach

Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Instead of using water and detergent soap to clean clothing and fabrics, dry cleaning uses solvents. Cleaning clothing with a solvent called perchloroethylene is known as dry cleaning. The term “perc” is another name in the clothing-cleaning sector 

The best way to keep your bedding and clothing in immaculate condition is to dry-clean them. Chemicals like bleach and laundry detergent are not soaked into the fabric, which could harm it.  

How to Check if Clothes Are for Dry Clean Only

If you’re unsure whether a particular fabric should be dry cleaned, check the care label instructions—they’re not always obvious. The “dry clean only” should appear on the label; if it only says “dry clean,” dry cleaning may not be your only option. Unless the care label instructions specifically state otherwise, professionals should dry-clean clothing made of taffeta, cashmere wool, rayon, silk, leather, velvet, and suede.   

Why Is Dry Cleaning Better Than Machine Washing

Cleaning clothes and other fabric items through laundering and dry cleaning are two distinct processes. The conventional method of laundering entails submerging the item in soapy water or laundry detergent and washing it in a typical home washing machine. However, dry cleaning is a more thorough method of cleaning clothes than washing and doesn’t use any water.   

Although dry cleaning and traditional washing in a machine have advantages, dry cleaning is typically the preferred method of care for delicate garments. Your clothes may become damaged if you wash them conventionally. 

How Washing Can Damage Your Clothes

Have you ever noticed that your clothes don’t appear as good as when they are brand new after being washed? It’s because detergents are abrasive to your clothing, which results in color fading and shape loss.  

While soapy water pushes dirt around your clothes until it comes off with the next wash, the chemical solvent used in the dry-cleaning process dissolves food stains, chemical stains, and oil-based stains before they become permanent on fabric. 

Additionally, dry cleaning is more delicate than washing, making it less likely to harm delicate fabrics. Dry cleaning is the best option to keep your clothes looking great for longer. Clothing that has been dry-cleaned is less likely to shrink or get wrinkles than clothing that has been washed and needs to be ironed.

Does Dry Cleaning Affect the Fabric?

If you take your clothing to a reputable dry cleaner, dry cleaning shouldn’t harm it. They will probably, at the very least, get rid of any tough stains without harming the fabric. According to some experts, dry cleaning preserves the appearance of clothing more effectively than regular washing.

Woman with green dry cleaning in west palm beach

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