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How to Get the Best Results From Green Dry Cleaning

May 02, 2022

Eco-friendly dry cleaning in West Palm Beach is a popular choice when it comes to cleaning your clothes while helping the environment. At the same time, green dry cleaning is regarded as a gentle form of dry-cleaning since it doesn’t use PERC or perchloroethylene. This doesn’t mean it’s more ineffective than using chemical agents to clean your clothes.

You don’t have to use strong chemicals to clean your clothes. All it takes is to utilize the cleaning method to clean your clothes and wash the stains off. To get the best results from green dry cleaning, here are some tips you can follow to get the most out of this service.

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Tips for Successful Green Dry Cleaning

Let the Professionals Do the Work

While simple home DIY solutions can remove some stains on your clothes, this isn’t the same for all types of clothes. If you have stains on your delicate and expensive clothes, you should let the professionals do the work. Green dry cleaning is just as effective as traditional cleaning when removing stains and cleaning clothes.

Point Out the Stains

If you want your green dry cleaning to be successful, you should always tell the cleaner if there are any notable stains that you want to be removed. Point out all the visible stains you want them to remove to make sure that they make the extra effort to remove them.

Never Rub Stains

Staining your clothes while eating or working is a common occurrence that no one can avoid. While your first instinct when this happens is to rub the stains out, you should never do this if you’re not sure what type of stains you’re dealing with. It’s better to let a professional handle your stain to properly clean and remove it.

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Make Special Requests

If you have some concerns about your garments like loose threads, missing buttons, or minor tears, make a special request to your cleaner to check them or make repairs. Cleaners who provide green dry-cleaning services are skilled in fixing or stitching clothes. Don’t hesitate to ask your dry cleaners if they offer this service.

Don’t Iron Stained Clothes

When ironing your clothes, remember to check for stains on your clothes because once you iron them, they will be hard to remove. Luckily, eco-friendly dry cleaners can help remove tough stains without harmful chemicals.

Protect Your Garments

Having your clothes dry cleaned can help extend their life by reducing the wear and tear from regular washing. You can also extend their life by hanging garments on hangers to help retain their shape and the texture of their cloth. Green dry cleaning can also prevent wear and tear because the process doesn’t include fabric softeners or other chemicals.

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Do You Want to Learn More About Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning in West Palm Beach?

Going green is never too late, especially when you want to contribute to our environment. If you want to learn more about how green dry cleaning can improve our surroundings, get in touch with our Go Green Dry Cleaners today!

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