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How Much Time Does Dry Cleaning Require?

December 02, 2022

When you have different fabrics that require dry cleaning in your closet, you may wonder, “How long does it take to dry clean everything here?” Almost every eco-friendly dry cleaning service in West Palm Beach will eventually have to answer the infamous “How long does dry cleaning take?” Question. It ultimately depends on the garments that need to be dry-cleaned to give you a head start.   

While some garments require minimal maintenance, making them simple to clean at home, others require professional dry cleaning. If you’re new to dry cleaning or searching for information on how long it takes to dry clean leather or a suit, you may require additional information. This guide was created to help you understand how long dry cleaning takes after you drop off your garments at a local dry cleaner.

eco-friendly dry cleaning west palm beach 

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take

Why Are Specific Garments Dry-Clean Only?

Most individuals have likely utilized dry cleaning services at some point. You may even be familiar with leaving your clothes at a laundromat and returning a few days later to collect them after they have been cleaned. But why is it that some clothes need to be dry cleaned only?  

The answer lies within the clothes themselves. Some clothes can’t be hand or machine-washed because their fabrics are delicate and could get damaged if exposed to water and detergent. Dry cleaning uses chemicals specifically safe for these types of clothing, which can clean and improve their appearance. 

Estimated Dry Cleaning Turnaround Time

Dry cleaning times vary based on the type of clothing you need to be cleaned, the fabric of each item, and the volume of business at your local dry cleaner when you drop off your laundry. Additional services, such as stain removal or repairs, will result in a longer wait time.  

It would also help to consider where your dry cleaning is cleaned. Some dry cleaners send their customers’ garments to a facility with all the necessary cleaning equipment. Transporting the garments from one location to another will also impact the turnaround time for dry cleaning.  

How Long Does Dry Cleaning a Dress Shirt Take?

Taking dress shirts to a dry cleaner is a widespread practice. As a result, wait times for dress shirts are typically shorter than those for other articles of clothing. In most instances, your dress shirts will be ready for pickup or delivery within one to two days or even the same day.  

How Long Does Dry Cleaning a Suit Take?

If you attend formal events infrequently, you may wonder, “How long does it take to dry clean a suit?” Suits will require more time than a standard dress shirt. However, suits typically do not have unusually lengthy waiting periods. On average, your dry cleaner will likely have your suit refreshed within three days. However, if you need to have your tuxedo dry-cleaned, you may have to wait up to a week.

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