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We all know that there’s a style for every season. While winter may call for thick coats, furs, and boots, summer’s signature is t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts. There’s an article of clothing for every occasion, and as the years go by, we start accumulating clothing that we don’t actually wear year-round. At Go Green Dry Cleaners, we understand that closet space can be a scarce commodity sometimes; that’s why we offer clothing storage services!

What are Clothing Storage Services?

Storage place can be limited, but we know that it can be really hard to part with some of your favorite articles of clothing. Our clothing storage services are designed to care for your clothes professionally and keep them safe until you need them again.

Why Store Your Clothing with Us?

Many people don’t understand that there’s a right way to store clothing. Variables like temperature, moisture, and light exposure can all play a role in the longevity of your clothing. When you choose us for your clothing storage, we conduct a thorough inspection so when you reclaim your items, you know they were in the same condition you left them. We keep them in an optimal environment, clear of moths and mildew, and control for variables you can’t control at home.

The Benefits of Professional Clothing Storage

  • Free-up space in your home
  • Keep your clothes safe
  • Avoid damage, mildew, and moths

Do You Need a Safe Place to Store Your Clothes?

At Go Green Dry Cleaners, we keep the environment safe and your clothes too! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our clothing storage options!

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