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Are Dry Cleaner’s Plastic Thin Bags Worth It?

October 03, 2022

Almost every professional dry cleaner offers a thin plastic bag for those garments that have undergone regular dry cleaning and green dry cleaning in Jupiter. Until you can get the clean clothing home, that bag helps keep them dry and stain-free. But should you keep your clothing in a bag to keep them safe when you hang them in your closet?  

In this article, we’ll learn more about these thin bags and if they’re worth it. We’ll also help you discover how to get the best out of your dry-cleaning service with some tips.   

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Dry Cleaning Bag Problems

Are Plastic Bags Worth It?  

The quick answer is no! Plastic bags pose a long-term risk to your clothes and suffocate hazards for young children. The weakening of fibers, yellowing, stains, and mildew growth can result from storing newly cleaned clothing in a thin plastic bag. BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), an antioxidant in plastic bag production, causes yellowing and other color changes. BHT creates a yellow pigment that stains the fabric when it reacts with moisture and airborne contaminants.  

Your freshly cleaned clothing is said to be moisture-free if dry-cleaned. However, the phrase can be misleading because some moisture is in the chemicals used to wash clothing. Additionally, the majority of the final pressing of clothing uses steam to eliminate creases. The plastic bag traps moisture, and if it is kept there for a long time, mildew can develop and seriously jeopardize the integrity of the fabric fibers.   

What Do I Do When It Gets Damaged? 

Take the clothing back to the cleaners, who might be able to repair the damage if you make a mistake leaving your freshly dry-cleaned clothes in the bag and discover issues when you eventually get ready to wear the garments. And this time, when you bring clean clothes home, remove the plastic bag and properly dispose of it.  

How to Make the Best Out of Your Dry Cleaning

  • Verify that dry cleaning is the suggested cleaning method on your clothing label. A circle serves as the care label symbol for dry cleaning, and some brands include a letter inside the process to designate the kind of solvent that is suggested.  
  • Tell your dry cleaner about any stains before you drop off your clothing. Before being put in the dry-cleaning machine, many colors need to be pretreated. Your dry cleaner can select the ideal pretreatment solution for the stains on your garments by considering what caused them.  
  • Avoid attempting to clean clothing that’s meant to be dry cleaned with household detergents. There’s a reason why clothing is designated as dry cleaning only. You may use cleaning supplies at home that promises to dry clean in your dryer, but these are more effective at deodorizing, getting rid of wrinkles, and removing minor stains. They fall short of the effective stain removal techniques and solutions used by a dry cleaner.  

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Are You Interested in Green Dry Cleaning in Jupiter? 

At Go Green Dry Cleaners, our team can provide green dry-cleaning options to help you clean your clothes. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer! 

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