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Go Green Dry Cleaners has grown into the largest eco-friendly dry-cleaning group in the Lower Westchester and Southern Connecticut region, thanks to our determination and a commitment to a high-quality customer experience. Our team’s combined 50+ years of industry experience and our association with our sister company, Image Cleaners, make us uniquely equipped to find success as a green company.

Beyond our qualifications and experience, what makes us different is our mission – to transform the dry-cleaning industry by creating a unique customer experience with attentive care, a splendid environment, and, of course, high-quality dry cleaning. We do all of this while simultaneously employing and promoting environmentally friendly solutions.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is only matched by our dedication to being conscientious and responsible with our environment. Let us show you why we are a leader in the green dry-cleaning industry.

Green Earth Cleaning

A Smarter Way to Clean Your Clothes

For decades, the only option for properly dry-cleaning clothes was using harsh petrochemical solvents with massive health and environmental drawbacks. These posed a risk not just to the local ecosystems but to the workers doing the dry cleaning themselves. Luckily, the times have changed, and now there’s a solution that can keep your clothes clean while doing the same for the environment.

GreenEarth Cleaning™ is an environmentally safe dry-cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents (perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon) with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth’s safest and most abundant natural resources: silica sand.

GreenEarth Cleaning™ was discovered by a scientist working with a solution used in cosmetics. After experimenting, he realized that the solution was removing the fats and dirt from his hands without drying them out.  He wondered if it could do the same for clothes.

Although silicon has been used in a wide range of industries for many years, until recently, no one had put together that this substance could be used to clean clothes. Thanks to this breakthrough, GreenEarth Cleaning™ earned a patent and served as the system from which many green cleaning processes arose.

Thanks to GreenEarth Cleaning™, we can process clothes as effectively as traditional dry-cleaning without additional costs to the environment.  Even more remarkable is that clothes get cleaner with no fading, shrinking, or harsh chemical odors, which prolongs the garment’s lifespan.

Why Choose Green?

A Healthier Approach to Dry Cleaning
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There’s a common misconception about “dry cleaning” that is rooted in the term itself. As it turns out, dry cleaning is not all that dry. In fact, chances are that most of the times you’ve used a dry-cleaning service, they used a chemical solvent called ‘PERC’ to clean your clothes.

PERC has been used for years because it is especially potent when lifting stains and marks without damaging fabrics. However, the dirty not-so-little secret about this substance is that we’ve known for decades that it can cause cancer and damage braincells.

Still, about 70% of dry cleaners continue to use this chemical despite recent studies showing that dry cleaned clothing can retain these dangerous particles in the fibers. Not only is this a terrifying prospect for your health, but that doesn’t even consider the environmental impact this substance can have as it makes its way into rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources.

Go Green Dry cleaners recognizes the health and environmental dangers of PERC and we’ve made it our mission to be part of the solution. Our green dry-cleaning technology is an effective alternative that has all the benefits of traditional methods, with none of the negative impacts. If you are ready for healthy, guilt-free dry cleaning, we are the solutions you did not know you needed.

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